Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where have I been?

You may ask.

Well I'm really upset about the delay in Mad Men season 5!

I have a lot of Mad Men related topics I'd love to discuss in the meantime but I just keep rewatching old episodes and putting it off.

I've been checking my daily page views and yesterday there were quite a few so in leui of the fact that people want to see what I have to say- this is the week! I'm going to put my sadness aside and get cracking on some great post!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Maidenform- Clearasil

I told you a few post ago that soon enough they would be digging into Clearasil.

Peggy wants the two kids to be getting ready for a dance

Pete is stuck on Thanks Clearasil, he really just wants to feel included, like he could be a copy writer.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The New Girl

Do you like the ocean?

Seriously Bobbi Barret, do you realize what kind of trouble your about to unleash? Poor Don: seeing Rachel Menken (now Katz), car accident, having to rely on Peggy, bitched at by Betty, and in a sling- all in one night!

The only client they really talk about in this episode of Clearasil and all they really say is that Pete wants to bring new work to his father in-law and since Peggy was babysitting Bobbi she didn't get it done.

Give them another episode of two and they do a pretty cool commercial!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three Sundays- American Airlines

In just a few weeks Don and Betty’s relationship seems to go from perfect to awful. While she’s yelling at Bobby for playing with the record player the first Sunday, she looks at Don to help her and he just continues reading his paper. Then she wants him to give him a spanking for breaking the hi-fi, but Don won’t do it because of his own father issues.
Well, let’s get on to the pitch and away from the struggling marriage!
Since the previous episode we’ve been aware that at some point Sterling Coo will be going after American Airlines, now onto the next episode and into April as it was, let the pitching begin.

On Palm Sunday, Duck tells Don that he wants Sterling Cooper to present American Airlines with several approaches, but Don wants his creative team to commit to one concept. They come up with what I feel was a great concept, that crash happened to somebody else: which brings us back to Don’s daddy issues or more accurately, his issues with his former life.

The meeting is moved ahead to Good Friday, everyone is ready, great food, great outfits, and of course great ideas. But right around the time the meeting is set start, Duck informs stunned Sterling Cooper staffers that his contact (Shell Connelly) at American was fired that morning.

The presentation must go on, but the agency is delivering "a stillborn baby."

I'm going to come back to this episode soon to discuss Don's daddy issues!

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Benefactor- Belle Jolie/ The Defenders

This is my favorite Harry episode. Harry pitches The Defenders to the rep from Belle Jolie that Sal previously flirted with (awkward moment in the hall way!)

"Top-twenty show. Prime time. For pennies on the dollar."

Sounds like a deal I'd take, but nope. The client declines -- abortion is too controversial.

Harry showed gusto and now he wants a raise and to be the head of a new television department. "All the other agencies have one," Harry says. Roger makes it happen, "You are now head of the television department, which consist solely of you"

Harry gets a raise and it proud to tell his pregnant wife that she doesn’t have to work anymore if she doesn’t want to.

The title of this episode ("The Benefactor") was the title of the controversial episode of The Defenders which Harry tries (unsuccessfully) to get the Belle Jolie cosmetics company to sponsor.

The episode originally aired on CBS on April 28, 1962. It was so controversial at the time that none of the regular sponsors for the series would advertise during its broadcast.